Golden Hour! Here’s to the weekend

We’re busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy. However, the weekend is the chance to forget marking and lesson planning, collapse onto the couch without (too much) guilt, and catch up on some Netflix, and eat food that wasn’t prepared in the microwave. It’s a time to escape a little and fly free. Be it weekend sport, hiking, feeding seagulls, a pub, whatever you do to relax and unwind. Share with us what you do on your weekends. What we really want is your inspirational photos of the weekend, especially sunrise or sunset photos (we have to keep with the theme of “the golden hour”). Each week we will share the best of the golden hour photos to help kick off the weekend. Tell us what you got up to and share your photos here: Contact Us. Most of all, enjoy your weekend.

Tell us:

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  • Date (day month year)
  • Comment or short story
Seagulls in a frenzy whilst being throw food, by the sea at Batemans Bay, Australia.
Seagulls in a frenzy whilst being throw food, by the sea at Batemans Bay, Australia.

By submitting your photos, you are granting us permission to use the photo specifically for this theme. The photos may be shared and distributed via other social media controlled by HelloSpace.Me including Twitter & Instagram. However, do expect that there may be nasty trolls who may take from us and reuse your wonderful photos without permission; such is the sadness out there on the internet. However, please share photos that you are most proud of, but with the expectation that we may lose control of them. We will not resell your photos, and if we wish to reuse them, we will get in touch with you about that first. Sadly, we can’t share them all, but don’t let unpublished photos discourage you. Please keep sending them in.

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