Special deal for social media influencers

We are really excited to announce this. Just for the first 17 legit social media influencers, we are offering free webspace (for a limited time). The only requirements are that you have at least 2,000 followers or more on your social media account, and be somehow connected to education.

Which social media qualify?

FaceBook, Google+, Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, Twitter, Weibo, or other major outlet (approved by us).

What do you get?

Free webspace and domain. Depending on your field and influence, you would get anywhere from a WordPress blog with 3Gb of storage, up to 5 email addresses for your web address (eg: yourname@yourdomain.me), and a whole swathe of free software you can install to support your digital life to a VIP Premium account with dedicated support. All this is from about USD$120 to $150 of value, completely free!

How do I claim? Simple

  1. Tell your followers that we exist (like a hashtag or @ mention on Twitter, Instagram, or link “HelloSpace.Me”)
  2.  Contact us. Subject: “Social media influencer calling”. Message: Give us a link to your social media account, and tell us how many followers you have. If you’re one of the first influencers, we’ll get the ball rolling.
  3. Start thinking of ideas for your web address (get your inspiration here: How to choose a domain name), or transfer your existing domain to us.

What’s the contract?

Drop our name at least once a week with either a hashtag, @ mention, or link. Only post positive stuff about us, but keep it real. Let us know when you drop our name, just for the sake of records, and so all’s good. Also consider that reposting our blog links, retweets, and similar can easily get you by. We may cancel the agreement if you fail to meet obligations or if you wish to end this agreement contact us,  and we’ll change the details of your account so you can pay and keep your website.

What can I do with my own blog?

Write your stories, show your pictures, share your videos, and set up auto post to your social media (we suggest using IFTTT.com or BufferApp). That way your blog is your central location to direct all your traffic from all your social media. Your own blog is the place to put the substance of your brand. You will have the freedom to be more creative, say more, show more, explore more. Build your audience, connect with other bloggers, and have fun. Also see +9 Reasons Why.