Opportunity for educationalist and tech writers

To all education and technology writers: you need an outlet to grow your audience and to get the word out about your work. HelloSpace.Me blog is a great place to publish. There are two options:

  1. Publish a full article on HelloSpace.Me/blog (about 1,000 words) or
  2. Publish a blurb for your full article (about 500 words; full article could be in a journal, book chapter, or your own blog)

Blogging is increasingly important for academics and teachers, as it is a means to make information accessible (Carrigan, 2016; Lupton, n.d). Blogging can be used to communicate with your audience about ideas before committing them to formal publishing; and you can extend your following. Academics are increasingly publishing their research ideas, literature searches, ‘early findings’, and other things on their personal blogs before research and traditional/formal publication (Carrigan, 2016; Lupton, n.d). So, if you have a research topic that is still being drafted for publication, it is a great idea to write up a short blurb, get an audience reaction, so that you can hone your research design, literature review, or final prior to publication article. Alternatively, if you have a great teaching idea that you wish to share, blog it with us. We do strongly recommend that you also publish on your own blog, and provide a blurb and links to your blog post, so you can make your blog the centre of your digital universe. After all, many recruiters ask about your social media presence and impact; this may help you a lot in your next job interview. See more about this at the +9 Reasons page.

Writing notes. CC0 Startup Stock Photos, https://www.pexels.com/photo/writing-notes-idea-class-7103/
Writing notes. CC0 Startup Stock Photos, https://www.pexels.com/photo/writing-notes-idea-class-7103/

What to do

Write up to about 1,000 words in simple, direct language. It’s best to include at least two references. Refine your article a few times; add a bio (maximum 50 words), and a link to your blog or to the full article on your blog (if you have one); find or create suitable images (if needed) from a source like Pexels.Com; then contact us. For extremely well researched and written articles, we may commission an artist to provide graphics. We will make an “Author” account for you on our blog, and send you the keys. You just need to copy & paste your article or blurb, bio, and blog link. We may do basic editing and push the “Publish” button. Please comment on other posts, and check out other people’s blogs. Who knows, you might find some exciting ideas, a great source, or great collaboration opportunities. Best of luck.


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Lupton, D. (n.d.) https://simplysociology.wordpress.com/.

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