Presentation at #JALTCALL2017  ::  10 Reasons (& things) for teachers to Blog

Andrew will be presenting at this years JALTCALL Conference held on 16th to 18th June 2017. We hope to see you there.

  • Day: Saturday, 17th June
  • Time: 2.10-2.40pm
  • Room: H3A


There are many benefits for teachers to blog. Included are promoting learner autonomy (Schwienhorst, 2011), blended learning (Beatty, 2010; Walker & White, 2013), a refined and appropriate textbook substitute (Stanley, 2013); reduces teacher’s preparation time; for professional development (Murugaiah, et al, 2010; and Walker & White, 2013); also, for communication with colleagues and/or parents. Importantly, to create and manage an online reputation that may help you to get your next job. Practical information on best blog platforms to use is discussed; the types of blog posts to write, a simple writing structure to use, how to make content attractive and grow a readership, and ethical considerations for educators (Blyth, 2015). The presentation will end with a blog topic brainstorming session to help teachers get started.


PowerPoint Slides:


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