#JALTCALL2017, 6 chances to win $130 of free website! Check this out & RT #JALTCALL

We’re offering a very special give-away for SIX JALTCALL Conference 2017 attendees. Simply share this post/link on either FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter as detailed below. The prize is a HelloSpace.Me WordPress website, with 3Gb of storage and up to 5 databases (for up to five MySQL based web apps inc. WordPress; see specs here). This includes the webspace and domain free for the first year only. The webspace is normally valued at about USD$100 (see Compare Us for details), but the domain extension (TLD) can cost from USD$9.95 to over $50 or a lot more, and WordPress auto install valued at $5.


Some people aren’t sure that a teacher and academic needs a blog, but blogs are now very important for us. We hope that this prize can help convince you, and importantly help you, help your students, and help your career. On Saturday, Andrew will be presenting 10 things (& Reasons) for Teachers to Blog between 2.10 and 2.40 in room H3A. Details.


Remember that the audience at JALTCALL isn’t as big as the National conference, and so you already have a great chance.

Twitter:  Two winners. Be one of two randomly selected people who has retweeted this link AND followed us on Twitter. Of course, the retweet cannot change the text of the original tweet.

Instagram: One winner. Share a photograph your favourite way to relax, with #GoldenHourTGIF and follow us: @hellospaceme. We want to use the best photos on our blog each Friday to celebrate the weekend (see GoldenHour here). Please don’t share anything you wouldn’t like your mother to see. We will choose the most striking photo (or else be randomly selected).

FaceBook:  Three winners. Come to us. Be the first, tenth, or twentieth person to come to us with a domain name already chosen, and show us that you have shared this link on FaceBook. We aim to be set up in the sponsors area by the café at about 9am Saturday morning. This is the ONLY time in your life that you CANNOT wait for coffee! You MUST be the FIRST… or tenth… or twentieth!

Social Media Influencers:  We have something very, very special for you. See details here.

How to claim

Twitter:  We will try to contact you via Twitter, but please look for the announcement on this blog at about 3.20pm Saturday afternoon, and come and see us in person by Saturday 4.20pm. The announcement may be delayed if we’re busy at about 3pm. Please check our blog and Twitter feed for updates.

Instagram:  We will try to contact you via Instagram, but please look for the announcement on this blog at about 9.30am Sunday morning, and come and see us in person by Sunday 11am. Please check our blog and Twitter feed for updates.

All:  You MUST research your domain name (website address) ahead of time, and (in person at the conference) show us on your device that it is available. Do your domain research at: https://hellospace.me/host/cart.php?a=add&domain=register If you’re stuck for ideas, see our blog post on Choosing a Domain Name here.

Sorry:  This competition is available only to people who have not yet joined HelloSpace.Me, and only to JALTCALL 2017 attendees. Note, our prices are currently at a 50% discount, but these will go up after the conference. Win, or join now.

Can’t wait? Get your website now within 10mins >>>

Payments and tech support

If you don’t win, you can join, pay, and set up your own website by yourself; it is actually easy, see how on the Knowledge Base. Andrew will be at the conference by himself. We’re not sure how it will go, we don’t know if things will be quiet or busy, so if things are busy, please be patient… everyone needs to dash off to empty a bladder at least once a day. If you choose to join and set up your own website this week, but cannot use PayPal, Andrew can receive “mail in” payments in person at the conference. Note, we can only accept Japanese yen at the conference, and prices in yen will be fixed on Friday evening. For online payments, for the time being, we are only using PayPal, but have plans to expand our payment options in the future. Remember that the current ridiculously low annual fees we are offering are temporary and will go up after the conference, but once you sign up, you’ll keep that low price for life, so don’t delay (Compare Us). Additionally, Andrew can give some help and support in person with things like auto-install a web app like Mahara, Moodle, WordPress, and more.

Can’t wait? Get your website now within 10mins >>>

The fine print

Details of this give-away may need to be updated or adjusted, and may be done at any time, and without notice. All decisions are at our discretion, and all decisions are final. Some domain names and top level domains (TLDs), especially premium domains, may be refused due to excessive cost. Consequently, the domain registration (domain name and TLD) should cost less than USD$40 for the first year. Winners will be expected to pay for their website renewal themselves after about 12 months have elapsed. The cost will be fixed at USD$40 each year, plus domain registration/renewal, and any extras including SSL certificates. Domain registrations and renewal costs may change in the future. Your website plan cannot be upgraded until a payment for a new plan is made. Upgrades will be at the price of plans that are available at the time of the upgrade.

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