#JALTCALL2017 attendees get over 50% off webhosting plans for JUST this weekend only, & other announcements

If you’re on Instagram, you’ll see that I was up waaaaaay too early this morning. I hope you got a better nights sleep than me. On the upshot, a got a brilliant sunrise pic of Matsuyama Castle.

As the title says, our prices are currently over 50% off normal prices for webspace (compare our prices). We’re a new company, and so we can do this, but only for a little while longer. The JALTCALL2017 organisers have been so nice and helpful for me, so I’m happy to say that these prices will be locked in for a lifetime (esp. thanks to Thomas who sadly can’t be here this weekend). After this weekend, prices will have to go up, and new members are subject to fee increases, but you won’t. Your $40 or $60 prices are fixed for life. Domain name (aka web address) registration is a separate charge and not included in the lifetime deal.

I feel uneasy about carrying cash, so the prices are cheaper if you pay online with PayPal, but I will accept cash (only in yen) this weekend. All future payments will be online in USD.

  •                      Online      >   In cash
  • Mini plan USD$20  >  ¥2,300
  • WordPress & Lite Users plans USD$40  >  ¥4,600
  • Regular Plan USD$60  >  ¥6,900
  • See details here   >>>

If you want to try out our great services for free (which was specially designed to support teachers; see +9 Reasons Why), check out our giveaways here. If you don’t win, don’t worry, try to get your big discounts locked in while you can. Stuck for a web address to register? Check out our domain name ideas blog post.

I’ll be available to help new and current members set up their websites if needed, and do some basic problem solving.

Finally, I feel a little worried that I’ll be missing out on all the fun, as I have to stay by my table near the café for most of the day. Please drop by and say “hi”, or come and see my presentation of 10 things (& Reasons) for Teachers to Blog. Enjoy the weekend.

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