New domains added: .photo .fun .tokyo & more

You know, .com isn’t the only Top Level Domain (TLD) address you can have. Imagine your name is John Longbottom, you could have, or, and more. Some are available for only one year, some for up to five years registration. For the full list of what’s available, see the Knowledge Base. What can you do with your own website? Anything. Add a WordPress app, Mahara, LimeSurvey, a photo gallery, your own cloud storage app, anything! See here for details: Knowledge Base. Here’s what’s new:

  • .audio
  • .band
  • .fun
  • .lgbt
  • .life
  • .nagoya
  • .photo
  • .studio
  • .tokyo
  • .xyz
  • .yoga
  • .zone

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