What is Mahara the ePortfolio System

Mahara Learning Management System
Mahara Learning Management System

Mahara is an ePortfolio system, sort of like Moodle, but a lot better. Mahara is much more humanistic, and allows for student interaction, collaboration, and for easily auditing learning. HelloSpace.Me is promoting Mahara to our members as we know it’s the future for education.

You can install Mahara on your own website and use it to oversee students’ progress, collaborate with colleagues, and even to oversee employees. Students use it to monitor and track their own learning, and they upload examples of their progress: creating a learning portfolio. You can use it as a teacher to view and track learning.

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We suggest you install it on your own website with Softaculous (easy installation available for all our members) and try it out. How?

  1. Create your own website > See here.
  2. Log into your cPanel
  3. Go to Softaculous
  4. Search for “Mahara”
  5. Install it (under yourdomain.com/mahara)
  6. (optional) In cPanel, go to SubDomains, create the /mahara subdomain (use the same folder you created via Softaculous)
  7. Log into your new Mahara, and try it out. Play around with it. Create fake student accounts and see what you can do. It can be deleted if you decide it’s not for you.
  8. Most people realise the benefits Mahara has to support the learning process. However, if you choose to delete it make a backup copy of everything on your website. Then in cPanel, go to File Manager and delete the Mahara folder, delete the subdomain allocation (if you made one), and go to PHP Admin and delete the Mahara database (be very careful not to delete other databases like your WordPress).

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