I’m a teacher. How can I make money from my own website?

We all feel a little entrepreneurial or have in interest in joining the gig economy for other reasons. Whatever your motivation, yes, you can make money from your own website. You can sell books, t-shirts, and even digital photos with web apps like Blesta (ask us how). However, HelloSpace.Me is primarily for the education community, and we know that every little extra penny helps.

Option 1: Use your website to create, cultivate, maintain, and manage your professional identity. Install a blog app (like WordPress or Serendipity), and post your classroom things and use it like an online textbook. Potential employers like that, and are more likely to choose you over other candidates who don’t. If you’re more academically inclined, use your blog to post your ideas, discuss topics you are reading about, and insights as your going about a research project. It builds a network around you, and again creates a reputation that future employers notice.

CC0 UnSplash, https://www.pexels.com/photo/meeting-pencils-macbook-notebooks-40120/
CC0 UnSplash, https://www.pexels.com/photo/meeting-pencils-macbook-notebooks-40120/

Option 2: Online teaching and/or billing private lessons. Advertise and promote yourself. Have a central location where potential students can find out more about you. Handout business cards with your own website on it, and potential students can find you and sign up for your English class, maths tutorials, or even your yoga classes. Use SiteBuilder to create a simple homepage, and easily install Dokeos for your online interaction (with webcam) app. Easily install and use Invoice Ninja as a payment gateway for students, and use UStream (how to make a private stream) or DaCast (how to make a private stream) to do live streams from your own home office. Or, just easily install and use Invoice Ninja and Booked to organise your yoga classes. Whatever your thing is, we have options and solutions. Ask us for suggestions.

To get the ball rolling, get your own domain (web address) and webspace with us, then you can install the apps mentioned above. All our apps are one-click install, and no coding needed. Currently, our prices are at over 40% until 9th August 2017. See “coupon” for possible more discounts.

Interview with John about online reputations and job interviews

This is literally our very first interview, and we’re as nervous as we are excited to share this with you. Despite some technical difficulty, we have this to share with you, and hope that it’s of a huge help for you. Please subscribe to our shiny new YouTube Channel so you can get updates, how-tos, and other great interviews.

This interview was about developing an online reputation that can help you land your next job. Thanks so much to John of Nanzan University for his insights, and his help with this. As you will see, John strongly recommends you set up, develop, and cultivate an online presence. To get started, see our plans, especially the WordPress and Lite Plans.

What is Mahara the ePortfolio System

Mahara Learning Management System
Mahara Learning Management System

Mahara is an ePortfolio system, sort of like Moodle, but a lot better. Mahara is much more humanistic, and allows for student interaction, collaboration, and for easily auditing learning. HelloSpace.Me is promoting Mahara to our members as we know it’s the future for education.

You can install Mahara on your own website and use it to oversee students’ progress, collaborate with colleagues, and even to oversee employees. Students use it to monitor and track their own learning, and they upload examples of their progress: creating a learning portfolio. You can use it as a teacher to view and track learning.

For more information see:

We suggest you install it on your own website with Softaculous (easy installation available for all our members) and try it out. How?

  1. Create your own website > See here.
  2. Log into your cPanel
  3. Go to Softaculous
  4. Search for “Mahara”
  5. Install it (under yourdomain.com/mahara)
  6. (optional) In cPanel, go to SubDomains, create the /mahara subdomain (use the same folder you created via Softaculous)
  7. Log into your new Mahara, and try it out. Play around with it. Create fake student accounts and see what you can do. It can be deleted if you decide it’s not for you.
  8. Most people realise the benefits Mahara has to support the learning process. However, if you choose to delete it make a backup copy of everything on your website. Then in cPanel, go to File Manager and delete the Mahara folder, delete the subdomain allocation (if you made one), and go to PHP Admin and delete the Mahara database (be very careful not to delete other databases like your WordPress).

The best guilt-free healthy snacks to keep your energy up during the day

We’re teachers, we know what it’s like to be dragging ourselves when we’re low-energy or weak with hunger. Thank goodness for the short breaks between classes where we can get a bite to tide us over. As you know, HelloSpace.Me is a socially responsible company, and so what can be compatible with our hunger pangs?

Chocolate bars are easy to get, tasty, but very, very bad. The palm oil used in chocolate bars is the main reason for forests being cleared for farming in countries like Indonesia. The cocoa plantations globally are starting to suffer diseases caused by mono-culture farming. That is, if one tree can be infected, then the disease can go unstopped across the whole plantation, which results in lower yields, and is a reason for the slow rise of chocolate prices. The other ingredients are not organic, and may contain organophosphates, and other chemicals that are allergenic or carcinogenic. However, your energy is low, you have a class to keep engaged and energised, and it’s still another hour or more until lunch or dinner.

Thankfully we have iHerb! Get healthy snack bars that use organically grown ingredients, which are also healthy. iHerb snacks are often low sugar but high in other things like protein or fiber to help you make it to the next real meal. Be guilt free and healthy at the same time.

Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.
Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.

iHerb offers fast shipping (free when over a certain amount is ordered), great customer service, and great socially responsible selection of products for your desk drawer, and for home. Our favourite grabs are the Eden Wild Berry Mix and the Cliff oatmeal bars. Oh! And the Rise coconut & acai bars are heavenly. Use our code, WZC316, to get 5% off your order, which also helps fund our community activities. Tell us what your favourite iHerb bites are in the comments below.

Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.
Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.

News this week

Our regular summary of news in education and technology, and you can contribute. Submissions of tips and stories will be gratefully appreciated (Contact Us), and don’t forget to tell us your name and sources.

Technology & Net Neutrality

Today is a very important day for the internet. Net neutrality is vitally important to us, and to you. The concept relates to our digital rights as published by the Global Trust Centre, which says our access to information should be a Right (see Rights and Responsibilities for Citizens in the Digital World). Net neutrality was never really embodied in law in many countries around the world, as it was just assumed by default by everyone, but it was enshrined in law in some countries like the US. However, some governments have censored the internet and the most famous is the “Great Firewall of China”. The United States government is considering ending net neutrality, and allowing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to slow traffic or even block traffic from some websites. This is effectively allowing commercially decided censorship in the United States. The ramifications are that companies like HelloSpace.Me could be blocked if US based competitors paid ISPs to do so. It also means that traffic moving from our Swiss servers to Japan, if it has to travel through the US, may also be slowed or blocked. Ending net neutrality would also set a dangerous precedent, where other countries may follow suit.

Consequently, the Fight for the Future and Demand Progress digital rights groups, and over 70,000 internet-based companies are protesting the US process of ending net neutrality. If you support net neutrality, we strongly urge you to add your name to this petition on the Battle for the Net.


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We are welcoming scholars and teachers who want to promote their research and classroom ideas with the community. We are accepting short articles on a variety of topics related to education, and technology in education. More info.

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Submit your 2-3 line conference announcement at Contact Us.

The Fourth Extensive Reading World Congress will be on Friday 4th to Monday the 7th Aug at Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo Japan. HelloSpace.Me will be there, so drop by and say ‘hi’.

The British Association of Applied Linguists (BAAL) annual conference will be held in the University of Leeds, from 31st Aug to 2nd Sept 2017. Submissions have closed. Details at BAAL.

The Pan Asian Consortium of Language Teaching Societies and KOTESOL will be co-hosting their annual conferences at Sookmyung Women’s University, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea, from 21st to 22nd October 2017. Call for submissions were due 31st May 2017. Details at KOTESOL.

The Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT) will hold their annual conference at Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, from 17th to 20th November. Submissions are already closed. Details at JALT.

The joint Applied Linguistics Conference for ALANZ, ALAA, and ALTAANZ has a call for submissions for their conference to be held on 27-29th Nov 2017, at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Auckland New Zealand. Close of submissions was 1st May 2017. Details via ALAA.

New domains added: .photo .fun .tokyo & more

You know, .com isn’t the only Top Level Domain (TLD) address you can have. Imagine your name is John Longbottom, you could have johnlongbottom.com, or johnlongbottom.photo, johnlongbottom.yoga and more. Some are available for only one year, some for up to five years registration. For the full list of what’s available, see the Knowledge Base. What can you do with your own website? Anything. Add a WordPress app, Mahara, LimeSurvey, a photo gallery, your own cloud storage app, anything! See here for details: Knowledge Base. Here’s what’s new:

  • .audio
  • .band
  • .fun
  • .lgbt
  • .life
  • .nagoya
  • .photo
  • .studio
  • .tokyo
  • .xyz
  • .yoga
  • .zone