I’m a teacher. How can I make money from my own website?

We all feel a little entrepreneurial or have in interest in joining the gig economy for other reasons. Whatever your motivation, yes, you can make money from your own website. You can sell books, t-shirts, and even digital photos with web apps like Blesta (ask us how). However, HelloSpace.Me is primarily for the education community, and we know that every little extra penny helps.

Option 1: Use your website to create, cultivate, maintain, and manage your professional identity. Install a blog app (like WordPress or Serendipity), and post your classroom things and use it like an online textbook. Potential employers like that, and are more likely to choose you over other candidates who don’t. If you’re more academically inclined, use your blog to post your ideas, discuss topics you are reading about, and insights as your going about a research project. It builds a network around you, and again creates a reputation that future employers notice.

CC0 UnSplash, https://www.pexels.com/photo/meeting-pencils-macbook-notebooks-40120/
CC0 UnSplash, https://www.pexels.com/photo/meeting-pencils-macbook-notebooks-40120/

Option 2: Online teaching and/or billing private lessons. Advertise and promote yourself. Have a central location where potential students can find out more about you. Handout business cards with your own website on it, and potential students can find you and sign up for your English class, maths tutorials, or even your yoga classes. Use SiteBuilder to create a simple homepage, and easily install Dokeos for your online interaction (with webcam) app. Easily install and use Invoice Ninja as a payment gateway for students, and use UStream (how to make a private stream) or DaCast (how to make a private stream) to do live streams from your own home office. Or, just easily install and use Invoice Ninja and Booked to organise your yoga classes. Whatever your thing is, we have options and solutions. Ask us for suggestions.

To get the ball rolling, get your own domain (web address) and webspace with us, then you can install the apps mentioned above. All our apps are one-click install, and no coding needed. Currently, our prices are at over 40% until 9th August 2017. See “coupon” for possible more discounts.

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