TGIF: It’s the GOLDEN HOUR & #Totoro!

This week’s TGIF image is from JapanesePhotos.Asia. They are running two campaigns, one is about Japan travel info, stories, and photo give aways on their Patreon project. The other is a cost-share photo shoot, perfect for startups and small businesses wanting to make their products and prototypes look international, and have an association with Japanese quality and excellence. There’s only 13 days left to get in.

This photo is a sneak preview of JapanesePhotos.Asia’s latest Patreon post coming out shortly or in an hour’s time. It’s about seeing the house from the iconic classic movie My Neighbour Totoro, a photo shoot done with local model Chiaki. This this image, and the full travel info at

Satsuki and Mei's house, based on the movie My Neighbour Totoro.
Satsuki and Mei’s house, based on the movie My Neighbour Totoro.

It’s Golden Hour :: TGIF

We’re slowly getting back into things after the summer break. We hope you had a great summer and didn’t get as badly sunburnt as Andrew did (hint: put sunscreen on the tops of your feet too). Here is yet another great photo to celebrate the coming weekend. If you have a photo you’d like to share, please drop us a line.

Chasing Sunrise (Death to Stock, 2017)
Chasing Sunrise (Death to Stock, 2017)

WIN a FREE website with us and JapanesePhotos.Asia

JapanesePhotos.Asia has started a new project at, where they will share:

  • 1 new photo each week with a short story about Japan (you can keep the photo for personal use on your own blogs), and
  • Each month, a new travel guide entry, or
  • A photographic how-to (great for beginners and travellers)

This project is really new, and they have BIG plans for it. It is exciting, and will be loaded with travel advice, travel information, and photographic ideas to make your next big trip fantastic. Best part is: It’s super cheap AND you can join in the discussion. Most travel books provide information one-way. Here, we will build a community, and you can have your say on what we can do next. That’s right, if you want to know more about a place in Kyoto, and other people agree, we can take you there with our Patreon blog.

They’ve teamed up with HelloSpace.Me to make the launch of their new project even more exciting.

WIN a FREE website from HelloSpace.Me
WIN a FREE website from HelloSpace.Me

The competition

Want your own .com web address and website? Yes, you can be one of five people to win the first year of your own website FREE from HelloSpace.Me. To enter, simply Become a Patron to our blog in September 2017 and you’re in the running. Winners will be announced both here,, and at HelloSpace.Me/blog. The prize is over USD$130 of webspace and domain for your own website*.

You will get:

  • The Lite Plan with 3Gb webspace, easy one-click install of WordPress and many other web apps, upto 5 email addresses, and more (see the Lite Plan here).
  • Domain registration (for your own web address) choose a name with one of the following TLDs: .com .audio .ca .cn .eu .nagoya .net .nl .nz .one .org .pro .ru .space .tokyo .uk .us (USD$20/yr limit).
  • If you prefer a different TLD like .blog .me or .photo then you will still get the 3Gb webspace free, but you will neet to pay for the domain registration (web address registration) yourself. Full list of TLDs is here.
  • Choose your web address / domain registration at:
  • Cost of renewal after the first year is: domain registration plus Lite Plan fees (current discounted cost: USD$60) plus taxes.
  • Winners to be announced 1st October 2017, and will be chosen at random.
  • Follow JapanesePhotos.Asia on
  • Follow us on

Best of luck

* Based on normal industry prices: