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Welcome to the HelloSpace.Me, a leading provider of websites for educators and lifestyle industries. Here on our blog we have news and updates, including this special announcement.

For a limited time only, we are offering a very special discount to JALT members, especially those attending the KOTESOL and JALT 2017 International Conferences. Normal websites cost over USD$120/yr, plus domain (web address). However, we are offering a special discount for you. Get USD$30 off for the webspace for a one year subscription.

How to claim

Step 1: Domain

First you need a domain (aka “URL” or “web address”). Our web addresses are competitively priced. Search for your perfect web address here. Also, see here for what “TLDs” (like .com .us or .net) we offer.

Step 2: Choose your web space plan

To use your $30 discount, choose either the Premium, WordPress, or Lite Plans, or the Diamond Package*. Most people choose the Lite Plan with Rapid SSL Certificate (for that green padlock security). Compare web hosting plans here.

Step 3: Claim & pay

You will be guided through the checkout process, where you can be offered other options. At the Review & Checkout stage (pictured) is where you enter to the coupon code: JALT2017 or KOTESOL2017 to get USD$30 off for the first year of your web space. Currently, we advertise in US dollars, we also support prices in Australian dollars, Japanese yen, and South Korean won. All payments via PayPal will be converted to Australian dollars.

The final stage of the checkout process
The final stage of the checkout process

Scroll down to see this:

Review & Checkout: Enter coupon code here
Review & Checkout: Enter coupon code here, and press “Validate Code”

Then click on the friendly green Checkout button, where PayPal will securely process the payment for us. We do not see or store your credit card or other banking details. Afterwards, you will receive a bunch of emails. Importantly, in one or some of the emails you will need to click on “Verify” for security reasons. Read the emails, and follow the rest of the website setup process explained here.

* The Diamond Package is specially for low-tech people. We purchase the domain on your behalf, manually setup a WordPress website, manually setup an email address for you, and give it all to you.

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