Earn money from your website: Become an affiliate

Yes, you can earn money from your website. Simply join HelloSpace.Me at https://hellospace.me/host/index.php New members will need check their email to verify your email address. Sign into your account (again).

Affiliates programme
Affiliates programme

In your account go to the Affiliates tab, and activate. You will get a unique link you can use.

You can earn 30% for each paying customer who qualifies and pays. That is a HUGE commission! You can use this credit to pay your next webhosting bill, or simply cashout via PayPal (Payoneer may eventually be possible).

How to use your affiliate link:

  • Create an ifttt.com account, and set up a monthly automated Tweet or FaceBook post with your link
  • Regularly share your affiliate link on social media
  • Include it on your business card
  • Include it in your email signature
  • Include it on your WordPress menu
  • Among other creative ways

Why us? Here’s the reminder:

  • No coding skills are required
  • Installing web software like WordPress is made super simple via your CPanel http://yourwebsite.com:2083
  • Our servers are in Switzerland
  • Our servers are protected under strict Swiss data protection and priviacy protection laws
  • Our servers are expertly maintained
  • We will NEVER sell your data to third party companies (we make money from paying customers, not from advertisers)
  • We have a strict code of ethical conduct that is all about respecting you and your website visitors
  • We strongly support Net Neutrality

You can use this image to help you:

No coding skills required
No coding skills required

(more images will be added from time to time)


  • We cannot guarrantee all customers will join and pay
  • Customers must commit to a year of membership
  • Minimum payout is USD$50
  • Currently we only support PayPal, but have plans to support other financial systems

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