JALTCALL 2018 & other updates

A few updates:

Andrew will be at the Japan Association of Language Teachers Computer Assisted Language Learning (special interest group; JALTCALL) conference this weekend (8th to 10th June), details: https://conference2018.jaltcall.org/. This year, it will be held at the Nagoya Dome-Mae Campus of Meijo University in Nagoya. Andrew will give a presentation on Sunday afternoon (details below). Please tell everyone you know that attendees will get a 45% discount coupon for their own webspace (for the lifetime of their account, upgradeable, new signups only). Also, feel free to find and ask him questions; and if the presentation can’t be attended, don’t worry, the discount code is available for anyone who asks at the event.

Presentation details:
How to set up your own website to support your students and career
Workshop Rm 404 Sunday 2:00 pm – 3:10 pm
Abstract: Having a professional web presence is now common for teachers and academics overseas. These provide access to handouts, downloadable files, updates, and to display an online résumé. Setting up and maintaining a personal website is not difficult. This workshop will demonstrate WordPress basics including installing and updating, creating and editing posts, pages, and more. No coding skills are assumed. A free HTML5 index page will be available to attendees.

Other news
Also, Andrew will be attending the JALT International conference in November this year, but not presenting this topic (sadly), but he will be available to answer your questions, and give a little in-person help with your website.

It’s almost time for many people to update their subscriptions with us. We now offer credit card payment options with the secure and reliable company, Stripe. PayPal is still offered for bank and credit card debits.

Reminder, if you want to earn a bit of money or credit on the side, join the affiliate programme, where you can earn for every new signup you help with. You’ll get your own personal affiliate link to help track and credit your referals.

If you have any questions or problems, please drop us a line.

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