JALTCALL 2018 Presentation

How to set up your own website to support your students and career

Workshop Rm 404 Sunday 2:00 pm – 3:10 pm
Abstract: Having a professional web presence is now common for teachers and academics overseas. These provide access to handouts, downloadable files, updates, and to display an online résumé. Setting up and maintaining a personal website is not difficult. This workshop will demonstrate WordPress basics including installing and updating, creating and editing posts, pages, and more. No coding skills are assumed. A free HTML5 index page will be available to attendees.


Please get these before the presentation begins

  • Download and install a free html code editing program, if you don’t already have one try Brackets.io.
  • Free basic home page: JALTCALL2018_index.html. (right-click, “Save link as…”.  To edit, open the download folder, right click on the file, “Open with Brackets” or other editing program).
  • If you already have a WordPress site, download the WordPress iOS or Android app.
  • Presentation/Workshop PowerPoint slides, 20180610_How_to_setup_your_own_website.pdf.
  • A creative commons picture you’d like on your own homepage. Try pexels.com.


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