JALT International Conference 2018

Just to let you know that Andrew will be at the JALT International Conference in Shizuoka Japan from Friday the 23rd to Sunday the 25th November. If you have any questions about getting your own website, contact us so we can arrange a meeting. If you love coffee, he can spot you one. Also, if you know of anyone who is going to the JALT International Conference, let them know that Andrew will be there, and you may be eligible for Affiliate rewards (discounts or credits on your next fees, details still being hashed out), if they signup.

Also, we are working on a set of custom responsive HTML pages that can be used as landing pages to support your own blog or other website options. Also, new custom packages tailored to you, not for a mass market where other companies sell something to you and expect you to do all the work, but packages we do the work for YOU. We are aiming to get these ready by the JALT Conference. For current members, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free landing page if you wish.

What does a “responsive HTML page” mean? It means that the page changes shape and reorganises content based on the size of the user’s screen. So, your website will still work well if viewed on a full sized computer monitor, to a tablet computer, to smartphone screen. Thus providing good user experiences regardless of the device they use. See TestSpace.Me and TravelPhotos.Asia for current experimental examples of these.

Scheduled Maintenance 21st Nov

Important notice to all HelloSpace.Me members. Scheduled maintenance on our servers is scheduled for 21st Nov, from 9am to about 3pm Swiss time (about 5pm to 11pm Tokyo time). All websites will be offline for this time, so we suggest that you inform all your users immediately about this interruption. The return to normal service will depend on how well work can be done, and if they put back online sooner, they will. We apologise for the interruption, but assure you it means that service we provide will have ensured reliability and longevity.

Why in Swiss time? The servers are in Switzerland, and maintained by a company on our behalf. We chose Switzerland because they have very strong data protection and privacy protection laws, which benefits you and your users.

If you have any questions, please contact us.