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Why pay? We know there are “free” options out there, however, there is a big difference between “free” and paid services. With free, the companies still make money off you. How? Firstly, they sell advertising and fill “your” website with it. Your students will see all kinds of ads, and you have zero control on what displayed. Secondly, they sell your data to advertisers. Advertisers use various demographic information about you and your website visitors for their targeted advertising. If you teach teenagers, what kinds of ads will be put in front of teenagers? The most distracting and inappropriate ones of course!

Do we sell your information and put ads on your website? NO and NO! Absolutely not! Firstly, your information is yours. Secondly, your website is your personal space, not ours, and so we don’t intrude. Once you buy a house, the real estate agent doesn’t keep coming in pinning advertising on your walls; we don’t either. When you purchase your own webspace with us, you are in complete control of it.