Which Plan?

HelloSpace.Me offers a range of Plans that are specifically designed for teachers. We consider that there may be teachers with limited financial resources, to those with many. There may be teachers who needs just a safe space online and do not need all the bells and whistles, whilst there may be teachers who have very specific requirements, like music teachers, language teachers, librarians, tutoring schools, and computer studies teachers. So, what are the main considerations for teachers?

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Let’s get the obvious out of the way now. It all depends on the budget available to you. HelloSpace.Me is specially priced for teachers, and is very competitive. We prefer one annual payment as it is cheaper than spaced payments, where there are costs per transaction for each payment.

Web Apps

The biggest consideration for most teachers should be how many web apps you want to run. If you only need WordPress, then you’ll only need one database. However, most teachers will want to also run other web apps like Moodle, Mahara, ProjectSend, LimeSurvey, etc., which will need more databases. The Mini Plan only allows 1 database, so users can choose only one web app. The other plans like the Lite, Regular, and others have more database spaces, and so more web apps can be installed and used. Currently, the Lite and WordPress Plans allow up to 5 databases, whilst Regular Plans allow up to 10 databases.

There are three tiers of web apps we offer. There is the budget, regular, and enterprise, and each of these offer varying number of web apps. Consider what web apps you need, and choose your plan accordingly (see Knowledgebase). Currently, only the Mini Plan is placed in the Budget tier, and most other Plans are in the Regular tier.

Email addresses

You need at least four email addresses in life. Don’t mix up your personal, professional, classroom, and online lives. There are many benefits in segregating aspects of you. That is, have an email address for family and friends, have another for your career related matters, another for your students to use, and another as a website owner. So what does this look like? For a teacher called “John Citizen”, for family and friends he might use something like yourbestbuddy@yourdomain.me; for professional use, jcitizen@yourdomain.me; and for students, john@yourdomain.me. Finally, for security reasons, many web services assume that if you really do own a domain (or website), emails are automatically sent to admin@[yourdomain.tld]. That is, for security reasons, being able to access admin@something proves your ownership.

The Mini Plan can only afford one email address, whilst most other Plans offer five or more email addresses. We deliberately limit the number of email addresses to reduce or avoid security problems, keep the spammers away and therefore reduce loading on our servers.

Does size matter?

Not really. Most teachers will only use about 2Gb, and most of that will be taken up by accumulating email attachments over many years. Normal websites only require a few hundred megabytes anyway. Don’t upload large 25mb (6000x4000px) photos, only scaled down ones. This makes sense, as 25mb photos takes too long to download for the viewer anyway. A 250kb (1500x1000px) photo is much quicker to access, and on screen they appear to be the same quality anyway. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube because their video management system is great, and you probably prefer to be more social and public in sharing your great lesson related material anyway. Uploading to YouTube is a great way to attract an audience, draw attention to your teaching portfolio: your website. So, use the “embed” YouTube html code into your blog post, and so the video will appear on your blogpost. That way, you do not need to host large videos on your website.

Research in webhosting shows that distributing content on a variety of servers in different locations results in faster webpage loading times. That is, having text stored on your website (HelloSpace.Me servers), photos stored on a cloud service (like Cloudflare), and video stored elsewhere (like YouTube), results in the fastest webpage loading times, thus improving user experience. Though this strategy saves disk space and improves loading times for you, consider the loss of anonymity for your website visitors once you start using non-Swiss web services like Cloudflare and YouTube.

Why do we offer accounts with so many gigabytes? Two reasons. Firstly, is for marketing reasons; we have to appear to be competitive. Secondly, because occasionally there are members who actually need to use that space, and so we allow it.


We know that teachers are busy, and teachers have higher-priority projects to work on. So, we have set up things to be quick and easy, and that do not require coding skills, and minimal technological skills. Of course, we encourage you to eventually learn something about html and acquire webhosting skills, but these are not required to setup. Our WordPress Plan helps you to get off and running within ten minutes (in most cases). All of our plans offer auto-install systems for web apps.

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Why HelloSpace.Me?

Yes, there are many webhosting companies to choose from, but few are right for educators, students, and academics. We believe all our decisions in setting up our company are all the right decisions for educators.

Firstly, our servers are located in Switzerland, which is the most important decision we’ve made. The servers should be there because Switzerland has gold-standard data and privacy protection laws. Which means, the government and other companies do not have permission to access our servers, your accounts, without ours and your permission. Of course, when a properly authorised legal request is made, we will oblige.

Secondly, we focus on teachers, schools, tutors, education related companies, and others for a very particular reason: security. Having one industry on our server reduces reduces risk to us all. This means we are less of a target for hackers, and less need for other groups and organisations to want to access our servers and databases.

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Thirdly, we understand computer and online ethics. We do not, will not, and will never sell your personal information, metadata, or your website visitors’ information or metadata to any third party entities.