Privacy Policy

This store is owned by Andrew Blyth and operates under the Australian Business Number ABN 58812139349, and it operates with all good will intentions to it’s customers, suppliers, staff, and third parties. However, prioritises people’s rights, dignity, and privacy. This has been a fundamental aspect of Andrew Blyth’s beliefs for years before GDPR was conceived. This privacy statement, policy, and ethos cover’s all of Andrew Blyth’s operations and websites including, JapanesePhotos.Asia (JPA), and HelloSpace.Me (HSM). The website server is physically located in the Canada and within Canadian legal jurisdiction; whilst JPA and HSM are in Switzerland, and so JPA & HSM are protected under Swiss Privacy Protection laws, and Swiss Data Protection laws.

All of Andrew Blyth’s companies operate with the assistance of and in a network of other companies. Some products are sourced from third-party companies to fulfill customers’ orders. Some companies produce products on demand to fulfill an order (typically print-on-demand products like art prints, clothing items, and such). Some companies are used because they provide the web-based software in order to support Andrew Blyth’s web presence; these include mail list management companies, web-hosting companies, and more.

This page will be updated in the future, and without notice.

How we comply with privacy and GDPR

We respect all people’s rights, dignity, and self-sovereignty.

We do not collect more information than we need. That is, we collect and retain only enough information to provide sufficient support for our customers.

We do not pass on personal information to third parties, except to immediately fulfill orders. In which case, only pertinent information is given, being the details of the order that the supplier is to fulfill, and the delivery information.

We do not sell your personal information to individuals or corporations

We do not give your personal information, or access to your account to law enforcement or governmental authorities, unless they have supplied adequate request, for instance, a warrant issued by a judge. Where possible, a lawyer will be consulted before compliance. Where possible, we will inform the customer or third-party company that such a request had been made if it had been complied with or not.

We do not trade with known criminal organisations, and we will cease operating with a company and individuals if we learn of their criminal activity.

Our customers can request their own personal information, but only after proving their ownership of it (typically by sending the request using the email address we have on record). Under the right to be forgotten principles, our customers can request to have all their data deleted. Where possible, we will request any associated companies that may have your data to also delete it, however, we can never guarantee that company will indeed comply. If it becomes known to us that a company has breached our trust, we will take reasonable steps to sanction the company.

We will do everything we can to ensure data is secured, and all access is encrypted. However, no system is 100% guaranteed. In cases where we know that there had been a breach of security, we will inform our customers at the earliest possible time. We urge all customers to use adequate security at all times online. If our customers or associated companies become aware of privacy or security issues relating to Andrew Blyth’s business operations, please inform us immediately so that we can take appropriate action to safe guard everyone.

We reserve the right to update and change this notice at any time without notice.