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There are two key Swiss laws that made it possible for us to choose and operate our servers in Switzerland. The Swiss Data Protection Act, and the Swiss Privacy Act. Both of which govern online safety and security of us, and our members.

HelloSpace.Me servers are physically located in Switzerland, although the company is an international one. The owner is currently based in Japan, and freelance staff are from multiple other countries. HelloSpace.Me servers are in Switzerland because of the legal protections offered under Swiss laws. This means, no government can access your data and website without a legitimate court issued warrant. When a legally issued request is made, HelloSpace.Me will cooperate with Swiss authorities. Consequently, to defend all members, we ask all members not to engage in any illegal activities that may threaten our service. Even though HelloSpace.Me does everything possible to secure our servers, there is no guarantee that a determined and individual, group, or government are not unable to hack into our system. Consequently, it is strongly advised that all members keep important and sensitive information within their possession kept offline, or in a specially designed secure service like Tresorit.
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