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Currently, HelloSpace.Me only accepts PayPal for instant online transactions. There are three methods to pay with PayPal; 1. with your funds in your PayPal account, 2. credit card processing system in PayPal, 3. bank debit in PayPal. PayPal users can link their bank account to PayPal, so payments are made to us easily. PayPal is preferred because it has the best reputation for security and protection of consumer and merchant. HelloSpace.Me cannot and does not view your credit card or bank information when PayPal is used. In the future, we may start to accept other online payment systems.

For special cases, where PayPal and credit cards are not possible, we can accept mail in payment. Create an account with us in the client area, and go to the contact us page and make your request. For security reasons we do not accept unverifiable forms of payment, so please explain to us why you cannot use PayPal.
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