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Special offer on HelloSpace.Me

Welcome to the HelloSpace.Me blog. We announce news and information, including your chance to get a USD$30 discount off your own website! No coding or tech skills required.

HelloSpace.Me is a leading provider of websites for educators and lifestyle industry in Asia. We believe we’re the best, because we provide the easiest way to set up your own, powerful, fully-functional website, easily, and without the need to know coding. We are native-English speakers based in Nagoya Japan, but our servers are located in Switzerland and protected under Swiss data and privacy protection laws, which is very important for protecting students’ futures.

Academics and dedicated teachers need to have their own professional, ad-free, web presence. Set up a WordPress blog and on it describe and display your teaching ideas and your research output, which make it easier to land that next job. Alternatively, use your own website to attract and support online tutoring. Use your own website to sell your hobby output, be it yoga classes, photography, commercial blogging, whatever.

How to claim

Step 1: Domain

First you need a domain (aka “URL” or “web address”). Our web addresses are competitively priced. Search for your perfect web address here. Also, see here for what “TLDs” (like .com .us or .net) we offer.

Step 2: Choose your web space plan

To use your $30 discount, choose either the Premium, WordPress, or Lite Plans, or the Diamond Package*. Most people choose the Lite Plan with Rapid SSL Certificate (for that green padlock security). Compare web hosting plans here.

Step 3: Claim & pay

You will be guided through the checkout process, where you can be offered other options. At the Review & Checkout stage (pictured) is where you enter to the coupon code: JPN2017 to get USD$30 off for the first year of your web space. Currently, we advertise in US dollars, we also support prices in Australian dollars, Japanese yen, and South Korean won. All payments via PayPal will be converted to Australian dollars.

The final stage of the checkout process
The final stage of the checkout process

Scroll down to see this:

Review & Checkout: Enter coupon code here
Review & Checkout: Enter coupon code here, and press “Validate Code”

Then click on the friendly green Checkout button, where PayPal will securely process the payment for us. We do not see or store your credit card or other banking details. Afterwards, you will receive a bunch of emails. Importantly, in one or some of the emails you will need to click on “Verify” for security reasons. Read the emails, and follow the rest of the website setup process explained here.

Step 4: Verify

Make sure you read all the emails you get regarding the signup process. Some emails are directly from us, and some are from the domain registrar agency we use. Make sure you click on the “verify” links, so for security reasons, we can be sure we are contacting you, the true owner.


* The Diamond Package is specially for low-tech people. We purchase the domain on your behalf, manually setup a WordPress website, manually setup an email address for you, and give it all to you.

WIN a FREE website with us and JapanesePhotos.Asia

JapanesePhotos.Asia has started a new project at, where they will share:

  • 1 new photo each week with a short story about Japan (you can keep the photo for personal use on your own blogs), and
  • Each month, a new travel guide entry, or
  • A photographic how-to (great for beginners and travellers)

This project is really new, and they have BIG plans for it. It is exciting, and will be loaded with travel advice, travel information, and photographic ideas to make your next big trip fantastic. Best part is: It’s super cheap AND you can join in the discussion. Most travel books provide information one-way. Here, we will build a community, and you can have your say on what we can do next. That’s right, if you want to know more about a place in Kyoto, and other people agree, we can take you there with our Patreon blog.

They’ve teamed up with HelloSpace.Me to make the launch of their new project even more exciting.

WIN a FREE website from HelloSpace.Me
WIN a FREE website from HelloSpace.Me

The competition

Want your own .com web address and website? Yes, you can be one of five people to win the first year of your own website FREE from HelloSpace.Me. To enter, simply Become a Patron to our blog in September 2017 and you’re in the running. Winners will be announced both here,, and at HelloSpace.Me/blog. The prize is over USD$130 of webspace and domain for your own website*.

You will get:

  • The Lite Plan with 3Gb webspace, easy one-click install of WordPress and many other web apps, upto 5 email addresses, and more (see the Lite Plan here).
  • Domain registration (for your own web address) choose a name with one of the following TLDs: .com .audio .ca .cn .eu .nagoya .net .nl .nz .one .org .pro .ru .space .tokyo .uk .us (USD$20/yr limit).
  • If you prefer a different TLD like .blog .me or .photo then you will still get the 3Gb webspace free, but you will neet to pay for the domain registration (web address registration) yourself. Full list of TLDs is here.
  • Choose your web address / domain registration at:
  • Cost of renewal after the first year is: domain registration plus Lite Plan fees (current discounted cost: USD$60) plus taxes.
  • Winners to be announced 1st October 2017, and will be chosen at random.
  • Follow JapanesePhotos.Asia on
  • Follow us on

Best of luck

* Based on normal industry prices:

The best guilt-free healthy snacks to keep your energy up during the day

Special offer on HelloSpace.Me

We’re teachers, we know what it’s like to be dragging ourselves when we’re low-energy or weak with hunger. Thank goodness for the short breaks between classes where we can get a bite to tide us over. As you know, HelloSpace.Me is a socially responsible company, and so what can be compatible with our hunger pangs?

Chocolate bars are easy to get, tasty, but very, very bad. The palm oil used in chocolate bars is the main reason for forests being cleared for farming in countries like Indonesia. The cocoa plantations globally are starting to suffer diseases caused by mono-culture farming. That is, if one tree can be infected, then the disease can go unstopped across the whole plantation, which results in lower yields, and is a reason for the slow rise of chocolate prices. The other ingredients are not organic, and may contain organophosphates, and other chemicals that are allergenic or carcinogenic. However, your energy is low, you have a class to keep engaged and energised, and it’s still another hour or more until lunch or dinner.

Thankfully we have iHerb! Get healthy snack bars that use organically grown ingredients, which are also healthy. iHerb snacks are often low sugar but high in other things like protein or fiber to help you make it to the next real meal. Be guilt free and healthy at the same time.

Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.
Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.

iHerb offers fast shipping (free when over a certain amount is ordered), great customer service, and great socially responsible selection of products for your desk drawer, and for home. Our favourite grabs are the Eden Wild Berry Mix and the Cliff oatmeal bars. Oh! And the Rise coconut & acai bars are heavenly. Use our code, WZC316, to get 5% off your order, which also helps fund our community activities. Tell us what your favourite iHerb bites are in the comments below.

Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.
Quick bites and snacks available from iHerb. Use WZC316 to save 5%.